Welcome to our web site. This has been put together mainly as a means of publishing our family genealogy gathered over the last twenty six years. We eventually intend putting on other items of interest to us, and possibly others!

The site is now up and running. It will be updated as and when more information becomes available. I have been contacted by many people since constructing this site and I have included most of their branches within it. If you have a connection and would like to be included, please contact me. Note: All details are presented for research purposes and are not necessarily accurate.

I've included our own Robinson family tree with a few other branches. During research into the Jukes name I've discovered many families that may join way back. This has become almost a one name study and will probably be extended to include more as I find confirmed links. If anyone has information on any of the people listed or others not yet listed, please click the 'Contact Me' button and share it with me. I have much more detailed information about those listed herein and others who are not.

I have been recently researching other, unrelated families and these are presented on the Genealogy page.


I've finally got around to adding some pages on a different subject. I grew up in the City of York and have added a section on this beautiful city. More will come!

If you have any comments about this site, please take the time to leave a message in the Visitor's Book.

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Last Updated 30/10/2021